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DIRECTV Satellite Television Radford, VA

Satellite TV's number one provider from Blue Ridge Satellite, Christianburg, VA. Customers couldn't be more pleased. The service has over 30 million clients. It provides the lowest subscription cost in the industry.

Satellite TV Channels

We have channels galore, with over 300 to choose from. You can keep up with your favorite sports team at anytime. We have every sports channel known to man. You don't have wait for your favorite HBO, Starz and Showcase series. For those of you who prefer Spanish, DIRECTV has over 200 Spanish channels. Get in touch with other cultures' shows. We provide movie releases just weeks after they hit the theaters.


DIRECTV is great to watch on HDTV, plasma and LED TV. Experience all you watch in the highest quality around. Keep up with all the action and drama DIRECTV provides you by recording your shows. Our options and service are rated the best around. Satellite TV provides the best quality shows and movies from all over the world at a great cost.

We Are The Best Choice

Other satellite and cable TV providers can only hope to measure up to our technology achievements. Customers are switching over to DIRECTV for its excellent service. Cable companies such as Adelphia, Cox or Time Warner could never give you premium channels, especially at such reasonable rates. Who says it's wrong to want more for less? Missing movies and shows because of a storm is just a myth with this provider.